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Since 1994, we have been providing the Philippines with the best telecom solutions from global industry leaders. From TDM, to Mobile, xDSL, to Wi-Fi, to Wi-Max, to Multi-Services Platforms, and to Carrier Ethernet, TelPlus Inc. has been a part of the country’s continually growing need for fast and efficient communications.

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Has quality of service become a problem in your network? Perhaps we can help you optimize your network infrastructure so that your business can get back on track. Ask about troubleshooting, replacement of necessary equipment, and other services/products available that will greatly enhance your network efficiency.

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Performance Analysis

Provide customers high QOS at all times

Thoroughly test your new Network Equipment prior to new service offerings. Other systems available help you decide the best CPE – Network Equipment combination.

Hand-held Test Tools

For legacy and emerging technologies

We have an extensive suite of ultra-light testers for your Transport, Metro Ethernet, CATV, and Broadband DSL services.

Traffic Capture Systems

For seemless traffic testing and monitoring

With Network probes, taps, and other accessories, traffic capture and monitoring is possible without disrupting network operations. Customers’ SLAs are assured at all times.

Network Accessories

Telecom accessories that you need

Cables, connectors, attenuators, ethernet transceivers, media/protocol converters, and other telecom accessories that you need.